Configuring host-side networking—iSCSI

Configuring iSCSI networking on the host side enables the VMware iSCSI initiator to establish a session with the array.

In this express method for configuring iSCSI networking on the host side, you allow the ESXi host to carry iSCSI traffic over four redundant paths to the storage.

After you complete this task, the host is configured with a single vSwitch containing both VMkernel ports and both VMNICs.

For additional information on configuring iSCSI networking for VMware, see the vSphere Documentation Center for your version of vSphere.

  1. Configure the switches that will be used to carry iSCSI storage traffic.
  2. Enable send and receive hardware flow control end to end.
  3. Disable priority flow control.
  4. Complete the array side iSCSI configuration.
  5. Use two NIC ports for iSCSI traffic.
  6. Use either the vSphere client or vSphere web client to perform the host-side configuration.
    The interfaces vary in functionality and the exact workflow will vary.