Verify the Windows configuration is supported

To ensure reliable operation, you create an implementation plan and then verify that the entire configuration is supported.

  1. Go to the DE Series Product Support Site.
  2. Look for the Interoperability Matrix document, and click to download or view the file.
    In this file, you may search for the product family that applies, as well as other criteria for the configuration such as Operating System, ThinkSystem SAN OS, and Host Multipath driver.
  3. As necessary, make the updates for your operating system and protocol as listed in the table.
    Operating system updates Protocol Protocol-related updates

    You might need to install out-of-box drivers to ensure proper functionality and supportability.

    Each HBA vendor has specific methods for updating boot code and firmware. Refer to the support section of the vendor’s website to obtain the instructions and software necessary to update the HBA boot code and firmware.

    FC Host bus adapter (HBA) driver, firmware, and bootcode
    iSCSI Network interface card (NIC) driver, firmware and bootcode
    SAS Host bus adapter (HBA) driver, firmware, and bootcode