This chapter provides a brief introduction to the ThinkSystem DE series products. ThinkSystem DE series are dedicated for high-bandwidth applications such as big data analytics, video-surveillance, and disk-based backup that need simple, fast, and reliable SAN storage.

A storage array includes shelves, controllers, drives, software, and firmware. The array can be installed in a rack or cabinet, with customizable hardware for two controllers, in a 12-, 24-, or 60-drive shelf. You can connect the storage array to a SAN from multiple interface types and to a variety of host operating systems. The ThinkSystem DE series storage arrays are available in several configurations and models. This guide provides installation and maintenance information for 2U* and 4U* models.

Table 1. DE series family
Family Model Machine Type Form factor Drives
DE2000 DE2000H 7Y70 2U 12
DE2000H 7Y71 2U 24
DE4000 DE4000H 7Y74 2U 12
DE4000H 7Y75 2U 24
DE4000F 7Y76 2U 24
DE4000H 7Y77 4U 60
DE6000 DE6000H 7Y78 2U 24
DE6000F 7Y79 2U 24
DE6000H 7Y80 4U 60
Drive shelves (expansion shelves) DE120S 7Y63 2U 12
DE240S 7Y68 2U 24
DE600S 7Y69 4U 60
Note: *U is rack unit, defined as 44.45 mm (1.75 inches) high.