To ensure reliable operation, you create an implementation plan and then use the Lenovo Storage Interoperation Center (LSIC) to verify that the entire configuration is supported.

  1. Go to Lenovo Storage Interoperation Center (LSIC) for interop support configuration.

  2. Choose your storage model, firmware, protocol, HBA, and operating system and click here for guidance on how to use LSIC to search the products support configuration.

    lsic search

NVMe over RoCE restrictions

Before using NVMe over RoCE, review the controller, host, and recovery restrictions. For an up-to-date listing of all restrictions, see Lenovo Storage Interoperation Center (LSIC).

Controller restrictions

  • NVME over RoCE can be configured for the DE6000F, and DE6000H controllers. The controllers must have 100GB or 200GB host port.

  • This protocol can be used only for DE6000F, and DE6000H controllers. A minimum of 32 GB of physical memory is required to use the protocol on DE6000F, and DE6000H controllers.

  • The only supported host interface card (HIC) is the 100G or 200G EDR HIC, which also supports NVMe over InfiniBand, iSER and SRP.

Switch restrictions

RISK OF DATA LOSS. You must enable Priority Flow Control or Global Pause Control on the switch to eliminate the risk of data loss in an NVMe over RoCE environment.

Host, host protocol, and host operating system restrictions

For a complete list of requirements, see Lenovo Storage Interoperation Center (LSIC) .

Storage and disaster recovery restrictions

  • Asynchronous and synchronous mirroring are not supported.

  • Thin provisioning (the creation of thin volumes) is not supported.