The VMware express method for installing your storage array and accessing ThinkSystem System Manager is appropriate for setting up a standalone VMware host to a DE Series storage system. It is designed to get the storage system up and running as quickly as possible with minimal decision points.

Procedure overview

The express method includes the following steps.

  1. Setting up one of the following communication environments:

    • NVMe over Fibre Channel

    • Fibre Channel (FC)

    • iSCSI

    • SAS

  2. Creating logical volumes on the storage array.

  3. Making the volumes available to the data host.

Find more information

  • Online help — Describes how to use ThinkSystem System Manager to complete configuration and storage management tasks. It is available within the product.

  • Lenovo ThinkSystem Storage Documentation Center DE Series (a database of articles) — Provides troubleshooting information, FAQs, and instructions for a wide range of Lenovo products and technologies.

  • VMware Configuration Maximums — Describes how to configure virtual and physical storage to stay within the allowed maximums that ESX/ESXi supports.

    • vSphere 6.x - search for "vsphere 6.x configuration maximums."

    • vSphere 7.x - search for "vsphere 7.x configuration maximums."

  • vmware Docs — Requirements and limitations of VMware NVMe storage.

  • — Search for ESXi vCenter Server documentation.