By installing the ThinkSystem Host Utilities on the host, the Host Context Agent is installed that helps the host push configuration information to the storage array controllers through the I/O path.

Before you begin
  • You must have the correct administrator or superuser privileges.

  • You must have ensured that the system that will contain the ThinkSystem Storage Manager client has the following minimum requirements:

    • RAM: 2 GB for Java Runtime Engine

    • Disk space: 5 GB

    • OS/Architecture: Refer to Lenovo Data Center Support Downloads > Software > DE-Series ThinkSystem Storage Manager for guidance on determining the supported operating system versions and architectures.

  1. Download the Lenovo ThinkSystem Host Utilities from Lenovo Data Center Support by searching "Lenovo ThinkSystem Host Utilities".

  2. Run the Lenovo ThinkSystem Host Utilities. Double-click the lnvgy_utl_hostutilities_*.exe install package to execute.

  3. Use the installation wizard to install the software on the management station.