Follow these instructions to log in to the Storage Plugin for vCenter and to navigate the user interface.

  1. Before you log in to the plugin, make sure you are using one of the following browsers:

    • Google Chrome 79 or later

    • Mozilla Firefox 70 or later

    • Microsoft Edge 79 or later

  2. Log in to the vSphere Client under the user account that has read/write privileges for the plugin.

  3. From the vSphere Client Home page, click Lenovo ThinkSystem DE Series Plugin for vCenter.

    The plugin opens within a vSphere Client window. The plugin’s main page opens to Manage-All.

  4. Access storage management tasks from the navigation sidebar on the left:

    • Manage – Discover storage arrays in your network, open System Manager for an array, import settings from one array to multiple arrays, manage array groups, upgrade the OS software, and provision storage.

    • Certificate Management – Manage certificates to authenticate between browsers and clients.

    • Operations – View the progress of batch operations, such as importing settings from one array to another.

    • Support – View technical support options, resources, and contacts.