Change settings for a volume

You can change a volume's settings such as its name, host assignment, segment size, modification priority, caching, and so on.

Before you begin

The volume you want to change is in Optimal status.

  1. Select Storage > Volumes .
  2. Select the volume that you want to change, and then select View/Edit Settings .
    The Volume Settings dialog box appears. The configuration settings for the volume you selected appear in this dialog box.
  3. Select the Basic tab to change the volume's name and host assignment.
  4. Select the Advanced tab to change additional configuration settings for a volume in a pool or in a volume group.
  5. Click Save .

What happens next?

System Manager changes the volume's settings based on your selections.

After you finish

Select Home > View Operations in Progress to view the progress of the change operations that are currently running for the selected volume.