Increase reserved capacity

You can increase reserved capacity, which is the physically allocated capacity used for any copy service operation on a storage object. For snapshot operations, it is typically 40 percent of the base volume; for asynchronous mirroring operations, it is typically 20 percent of the base volume. Typically, you increase reserved capacity when you receive a warning that the storage object's reserved capacity is becoming full.

Before you begin

About this task

You can increase reserved capacity only in increments of 8 GiB for the following storage objects:

Use a high percentage if you believe the primary volume will undergo many changes or if the lifespan of a particular copy service operation will be very long.

Note: You cannot increase reserved capacity for a snapshot volume that is read-only. Only snapshot volumes that are read-write require reserved capacity.
  1. Select Storage > Pools & Volume Groups .
  2. Select the Reserved Capacity tab.
  3. Select the storage object for which you want to increase reserved capacity, and then click Increase Capacity.
    The Increase Reserved Capacity dialog box appears.
  4. Use the spinner box to adjust the capacity percentage.

    If free capacity does not exist on the pool or volume group that contains the storage object you selected, and the storage array has Unassigned Capacity, you can create a new pool or volume group. You can then retry this operation using the new free capacity on that pool or volume group.

  5. Click Increase.

System Manager performs the following actions: