Step 3: Add or edit volumes

System Manager may suggest a volume configuration based on the application or workload you selected. This volume configuration is optimized based on the type of application the workload supports. You can accept the recommended volume configuration or you can edit it as needed. If you selected one of the "Other" applications, you must manually specify the volumes and characteristics you want to create.

Before you begin

About this task

You create volumes from pools or volume groups. The Add/Edit Volumes dialog box shows all eligible pools and volume groups on the storage array. For each eligible pool and volume group, the number of drives available and the total free capacity appears.

For some application-specific workloads, each eligible pool or volume group shows the proposed capacity based on the suggested volume configuration and shows the remaining free capacity in GiB. For other workloads, the proposed capacity appears as you add volumes to a pool or volume group and specify the reported capacity.

  1. Choose one of these actions based on whether you selected Other or an application-specific workload:
    • Other – Click Add new volume in each pool or volume group that you want to use to create one or more volumes.
    • Application-specific workload – Either click Next to accept the system-recommended volumes and characteristics for the selected workload, or click Edit Volumes to change, add, or delete the system-recommended volumes and characteristics for the selected workload.

  2. To continue the volume creation sequence for the selected application, click Next, and go to Step 4: Review volume configuration.