View graphical performance data

You can view graphical performance data for logical objects, physical objects, applications, and workloads.

About this task

The performance graphs show historical data as well as live data currently being captured. A vertical line on the graph, labeled Live updating , distinguishes historical data from live data.

Home page view

The Home page contains a graph showing storage array level performance. You can select limited metrics from this view, or you can click View Performance Details to select all the available metrics.

Detailed view

The graphs available from the detailed performance view are arranged under three tabs:

  1. Select Home .
  2. To select an array-level view, click the IOPS, MiB/s, or CPU button.
  3. To see more details, click View Performance Details .
  4. Select Logical View tab, Physical View tab, or Applications & Workloads View tab.

    Depending on the object type, different graphs appear in each tab.
  5. Use the options to view the objects and information you need.

  6. As needed, use the additional options for viewing performance data.