Change synchronization settings for a mirror consistency group

You can change the synchronization settings and warning thresholds that the mirror consistency group on the local storage array uses when data is initially synchronized or when data is re-synchronized during asynchronous mirroring operations.

About this task

Changing the synchronization settings affects the synchronization operations of all mirrored pairs within the mirror consistency group.

  1. Select Storage > Asynchronous Mirroring .
  2. Select the Mirror Consistency Groups tab.
    The Mirrored Consistency Group table appears and displays all the mirror consistency groups associated with the storage array.
  3. Select the mirror consistency group that you want to edit, and then select More > Edit settings .
    The system displays the Edit Settings dialog box.
  4. Edit the synchronization and alert settings as appropriate, and then click Save .

What happens next?

System Manager changes the synchronization settings for every mirrored pair in the mirror consistency group.