Step 3: Import signed certificates for controllers

After you receive signed certificates from the Certificate Authority (CA), import the files for the controllers.

Before you begin

About this task

This task describes how to upload the certificate files.
  1. Select Settings > Certificates .
  2. From the Array Management tab, select Import.
    A dialog box opens for importing the certificate file(s).
  3. Click the Browse buttons to first select the root and intermediate files, and then select each server certificate for the controllers. The root and intermediate files are the same for both controllers. Only the server certificates are unique for each controller. If you generated the CSR from an external tool, you must also import the private key file that was created along with the CSR.
    The file names are displayed in the dialog box.
  4. Click Import.
    The files are uploaded and validated.
The session is automatically terminated. You must log in again for the certificates to take effect. When you log in again, the new CA-signed certificates are used for your session.