View and act on operations in progress

To view and take action on long-running operations, use the Operations in Progress page.

About this task

For each operation listed on the Operations in Progress page, a percentage of completion and estimated time remaining to complete the operation are shown. In some cases, you can stop an operation or place it at a higher or lower priority. You can also clear a completed Volume copy operation from the list.

  1. On the Home page, select View operations in progress .

    The Operations in Progress page appears.

  2. If desired, use the links in the Actions column to stop or change priority for an operation.

    Read all cautionary text provided in the dialog boxes, particularly when stopping an operation.

    You can stop a volume copy operation or change its priority.

  3. Once a volume copy operation is complete, you can select Clear to remove it from the list.

    At the top of the Home page, an informational message and yellow wrench icon appear when an operation is complete. This message includes a link that allows you to clear the operation from the Operations in Progress page.