Step 1: Upload the IdP metadata file

To provide the storage array with IdP connection information, you import IdP metadata into System Manager.

Before you begin

About this task

In this task, you upload a metadata file from the IdP into System Manager. The IdP system needs this metadata to redirect authentication requests to the correct URL and to validate responses received. You only need to upload one metadata file for the storage array, even if there are two controllers.

  1. Select Settings > Access Management .
  2. Select the SAML tab.
    The page displays an overview of configuration steps.
  3. Click the Import Identity Provider (IdP) file link.
    The Import Identity Provider File dialog opens.
  4. Click Browse to select and upload the IdP metadata file you copied to your local system.
    After you select the file, the IdP Entity ID is displayed.
  5. Click Import.