Suspend or resume synchronization for mirror consistency group

You can suspend or resume the synchronization of data on all mirrored pairs within a mirror consistency group, which is more efficient than suspending or resuming synchronization on individual mirrored pairs.

About this task

Suspending and resuming synchronization on groups helps to reduce any performance impact to the host application, which might occur while any changed data on the local storage array is copied to the remote storage array.

The state of the mirror consistency group and its mirrored pairs stay suspended until you use the Resume option to resume synchronization activity.

  1. Select Storage > Asynchronous Mirroring .
  2. Select the Mirror Consistency Groups tab.
    The Mirrored Consistency Group table appears and displays all the mirror consistency groups associated with the storage array.
  3. Select the mirror consistency group that you want to suspend or resume, and then select either More > Suspend or More > Resume .
    The system displays a confirmation.
  4. Select Yes to confirm.

What happens next?

System Manager performs the following actions: