What do I need to know before starting a remote storage import?

The Remote Storage feature allows you to copy data from a remote storage system to a volume on a local DE Series storage system. Before using this feature, review the following guidelines.


Before you create the remote storage import, you must complete the following actions and verify the following conditions:

Import process

The following steps outline the import process.

  1. Access the System Manager interface, and then go to the Remote Storage page. Select Import to start a new import creation. For detailed instructions, see Import remote storage.

  2. Monitor the progress of the import. Once the import starts, the target volume can then be mapped. The time required to complete the import operation depends on the size of the remote storage device (source volume), the priority setting for the import, and the amount of I/O load on both storage systems and their associated volumes.

    After import completion, the target volume is a duplicate of the source.

  3. When you are ready to break the mapping relationship, perform a Disconnect on the import object from the Operations In Progress panel.

Once the import is disconnected, performance of the local destination returns to normal and is no longer impacted by the remote connection.


The Remote Storage feature has the following restrictions: