Delete mirror consistency group

You can delete mirror consistency groups that are no longer needed on the local storage array and on the remote storage array.

Before you begin

All mirrored pairs must be removed from the mirror consistency group.

  1. Select Storage > Asynchronous Mirroring .
  2. Select the Mirror Consistency Groups tab.
    The Mirror Consistency Group table appears and displays all the mirror consistency groups associated with the storage array.
  3. Select the mirror consistency group that you want to delete, and then select Uncommon Tasks > Delete .
    The system displays a confirmation.
  4. Select Yes to delete the mirror consistency group.

What happens next?

System Manager performs the following actions:

After you finish

Occasionally, there may be instances where the mirror consistency group is successfully deleted from the local storage array, but a communication error prevents the mirror consistency group from being deleted from the remote storage array. In this case, you must access the remote storage array to delete the corresponding mirror consistency group.