Step 4: Review volume configuration

Review a summary of the volumes you intend to create and make any necessary changes.

  1. Review the volumes you want to create. Click Back to make any changes.
  2. When you are satisfied with your volume configuration, click Finish.

System Manager creates the new volumes in the selected pools and volume groups, and then displays the new volumes in the All Volumes table.

  • Perform any operating system modifications necessary on the application host so that the applications can use the volume.
  • Run either the host-based hot_add utility or an operating system-specific utility (available from a third-party vendor), and then run the SMdevices utility to correlate volume names with host storage array names.

    The hot_add utility and the SMdevices utility are included as part of the SMutils package. The SMutils package is a collection of utilities to verify what the host sees from the storage array. It is included as part of the Storage Manager software installation.