Enable or disable AutoSupport features

You enable the AutoSupport feature and the individual AutoSupport features during initial setup or you can enable or disable them later.

Before you begin

If you want to enable either AutoSupport OnDemand or Remote Diagnostics, the AutoSupport delivery method must be set to HTTPS.

About this task

You can disable the AutoSupport feature at any time, but you are strongly advised to leave it enabled. Enabling the AutoSupport feature can significantly speed problem determination and resolution should a problem occur on your storage array.

The AutoSupport feature is made up of three individual features that you enable separately.

  1. Select Support > Support Center > AutoSupport tab.
  2. Select Enable/Disable AutoSupport Features .
  3. Select the check boxes next to the AutoSupport features that you want to enable.

    The features depend on each other as indicated by the indentation of the items in the dialog box. For example, you must enable AutoSupport OnDemand before you can enable Remote Diagnostics.
  4. Click Save .