Change SAML role mappings

If you previously configured SAML for Access Management, you can change the role mappings between the IdP groups and the storage array's predefined roles.

Before you begin

  1. Select Settings > Access Management .
  2. Select the SAML tab.
  3. Select Role Mapping .
    The Role Mapping dialog box opens.
  4. Assign IdP user attributes and groups to the predefined roles. A group can have multiple assigned roles.

    Be careful that you do not remove your permissions while SAML is enabled, or you will lose access to System Manager .
    Note: The Monitor role is required for all users, including the administrator. System Manager will not operate correctly for any user without the Monitor role present.
  5. Optionally, click Add another mapping to enter more group-to-role mappings.
  6. Click Save .
After you complete this task, any active user sessions are terminated. Only your current user session is retained.