View storage array profile

The storage array profile provides a description of all of the components and properties of the storage array.

About this task

You can use the storage array profile as an aid during recovery or as an overview of the current configuration of the storage array. You might want to save a copy of the storage array profile on the management client and keep a hard copy of the storage array profile with the storage array. Create a new copy of the storage array profile if your configuration changes.

  1. Select Support > Support Center > Support Resources tab.
  2. Scroll down to Launch detailed storage array information , and then select Storage Array Profile .
    The report appears on your screen.
  3. Optional: To search the storage array profile, type a search term in the Find text box, and then click Find .

    All matching terms are highlighted. To scroll through all the results one at a time, continue to click Find .
  4. Optional: To save the storage array profile, click Save .
    The file is saved in the Downloads folder for your browser with the name storage-array-profile.txt .