Remote storage requirements

Before using the Remote Storage feature, review the following requirements and restrictions.

Supported protocols

The following protocols are supported:
  • iSCSI
  • IPv4

Hardware requirements

The DE Series storage system must include:
  • Two controllers (duplex mode)
  • iSCSI connections for both DE Series controllers to communicate with the remote storage system through one or more iSCSI connections
  • ThinkSystem SAN OS 11.70.1 or greater
  • Remote Storage feature enabled in the Submodel ID (SMID)
The remote system can be either an DE Series storage system or a system from another vendor. It must include:
  • iSCSI-capable interfaces


The Remote Storage feature has the following restrictions:
  • Mirroring must be disabled.
  • Destination volume on the DE Series system must not have snapshots.
  • Destination volume on the DE Series system must not be mapped to any hosts before the import is started.
  • Destination volume on the DE Series system must have resource-provisioning disabled.
  • Direct mappings of the remote storage volume to a host or multiple hosts is not supported.
  • Web Services Proxy is not supported.
  • iSCSI CHAP secrets are not supported.
  • SMcli is not supported.
  • VMware Datastore is not supported.
  • Only one storage system in the relationship/import pair can be upgraded at a time when there is an import pair present.