Assign volumes to hosts

You must assign a volume to a host or a host cluster so it can be used for I/O operations. This assignment grants a host or host cluster access to one or more volumes in a storage array.

Before you begin

Keep these guidelines in mind when you assign volumes to hosts:

Assigning a volume fails under these conditions:
  • All volumes are assigned.

  • The volume is already assigned to another host or host cluster.

The ability to assign a volume is unavailable under these conditions:
  • No valid hosts or host clusters exist.

  • No host port identifiers have been defined for the host.

  • All volume assignments have been defined.

About this task

All unassigned volumes are displayed during this task, but functions for hosts with or without Data Assurance (DA) apply as follows:

  1. Select Storage > Hosts .
  2. Select the host or host cluster to which you want to assign volumes, and then click Assign Volumes .
    A dialog box appears that lists all the volumes that can be assigned. You can sort any of the columns or type something in the Filter box to make it easier to find particular volumes.
  3. Select the check box next to each volume that you want to assign or select the check box in the table header to select all volumes.
  4. Click Assign to complete the operation.

What happens next?

After successfully assigning a volume or volumes to a host or a host cluster, the system performs the following actions: