AutoSupport feature overview

AutoSupport monitors the health of your system and automatically sends event logs, performance data, configuration and system state information to Lenovo to assist with faster resolution and higher uptime when your storage system encounters problems. AutoSupport facilitates predictive analytics to maintain system health and performance.

By enabling AutoSupport, you are agreeing to automatic transmission of system health information to your support team.

Disabling AutoSupport will prevent your storage array from collecting and sending system health data. Should you require support assistance from Lenovo, lack of AutoSupport data will severely affect Lenovo’s ability to diagnose and resolve problems with your array quickly.

Data collected:

When and how often is this data collected?

The ASUP feature provides three standard data dispatch types:
  • Event dispatches - Includes a comprehensive snapshot of the state of the storage array at the time the event occurred. This is important for quicker problem resolution and ticket auto generation.

  • Scheduled dispatches (daily or weekly) - Includes the current system event logs and performance data, configuration and system state information at a predetermined frequency.

  • OnDemand and Remote Diagnostics dispatches - Allows Lenovo technical support to request a new dispatch when needed for troubleshooting an issue. All dispatches are initiated from the storage array controller, not from the AutoSupport server. The storage array controller checks in periodically with the AutoSupport server to determine if there are any pending new requests and responds accordingly.

Note: AutoSupport (ASUP) can be enabled or disabled at any time in System Manager. Go to Support > Support Center, and then click the AutoSupport tab.

Registering your Lenovo ThinkSystem DE product

For Lenovo to proactively contact you for support after AutoSupport ticket creation, you must first register your ThinkSystem DE Storage product by following the steps below:
  1. If you are a new user, register and activate your Lenovo account at:

  2. Sign in with your Lenovo ID and password.

  3. Go to to register your product.

  4. To register a device, select Register Devices(s).

  5. Enter the serial number of the device.

  6. Enter the requested detailed information and click Complete Registration.

  7. Check the registration confirmation e-mail in your mailbox.

Key benefits

Some key benefits of the AutoSupport feature include:

Individual AutoSupport features

The AutoSupport feature is made up of three individual features that you enable separately.

Difference between AutoSupport and Collect Support Data

Two methods of collecting support data exist in the storage array:
  • The AutoSupport feature – Data is automatically collected.

  • The Collect Support Data option – Data must be collected and sent manually.

The AutoSupport feature is easier to use because data is collected and sent automatically. AutoSupport data can be used proactively to prevent problems before they occur. The AutoSupport feature speeds troubleshooting because technical support already has access to the data. For these reasons, the AutoSupport feature is the preferred data collection method to use.